Tuesday, December 19, 2017

So Cozy

Brad and I rearranged our bedroom. We hadn't moved any furniture for a couple of months, so it was clearly time!

The real impettus was our new mattress! We used some Christmas money and some of our own and finally bought a new mattress--the first since we were married. We thought 15 years was about long enough to wait.

As part of the move, we broke down and put a tv in our room. With the kids having more friends over, Brad and I often find ourselves trying to stay awake until everyone is asleep, and the tv is always claimed by the children. We also bought it largely for this little feature:
I love falling asleep to the glow and crackle of the fire. It's just so cozy.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Our Little Christmas

Following tradition, our little family of four celebrated our Christmas this weekend. Santa always makes a practice run to fill our stockings and remind us he knows where to arrive Christmas morning:

 And we give the kids our gift. I love Evan's face here:
 He had just opened a china tea cup. Then we told them we were going to the holiday market and high tea at the Carolina Inn:
 It was absolutely gorgeous:
And we actually took a really good family picture:
We had so much fun finding all of the twelve days of Christmas decorations throughout the Inn, and the tea was fabulous. We also were able to watch people arrive for a black tie gala, which was really fun! Issa found a beautiful ring at the market and got to meet the artist who created it, too!

We came home and snuggled in to just be and watch the Trolls holiday special, which is hysterical.

Evan did not find anything at the market, so he and Dad went to see the Star Wars movie yesterday, which did not disappoint. I made beef bourguignon and bread for dinner, and then we all set about making teacher gift ornaments. Issa and I perfected the technique when we made hers in the afternoon:
 But the boys brought a certain chaos to the crafting. At one point I was losing it: "Crafting is not about efficiency! Slow down!"

 We all laughed until we cried, and somehow the ornaments came out beautifully! We only have three days left until break, and I think we are looking forward to more family time.

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Quieter Holly Jolly

We had another fun weekend! Friday, both kids had friends over for the evening. It was a lovely low-key night that included watching snow fall and making smores in the fireplace. It just doesn't get much better!

Saturday, Issa had dance and the boys headed to the dojo, so I actually got to have a lunch date with Mom! We used to do that quite a bit, but the schedules have just not been playing nicely lately!

Saturday afternoon, I made homemade chicken noodle soup and bread. After way too much research, I have found a gluten-free noodle that actually holds up in soup! I also finally made a gluten-free bread that Brad truly loves. We have found others he likes, but this one is legitimately really good, and I have never been happier to have found a recipe. The afternoon and evening was filled with Christmas crafting and more fire and Christmas carols and more snow. Perfection.

Sunday, we were invited to Chestnut Ridge for a thank you dinner since I've been on the Board this year. The hayride was the highlight:
Camp really was gorgeous in the snow! We made more smores and pinecone Christmas trees and generally had a fabulous evening. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Over Slime

Y'all. This slime craze. It has to go. Yesterday was early dismissal, and Issa was very excited to have Ellie over for an afternoon of slime making:
 This is half of what they made:
 The brown slime is actually gingerbread slime, which actually does smell like a gingerbread cookie.

This is the aftermath:
That is a lot of glitter. It's all cleaned up now, and I feel slightly better because they are giving a lot of it away as gifts. But I'm super over slime. I don't get it. It's gross. It smells funny. Issa says it's relaxing, but I get totally weirded out by it. And this obsession. Issa forgot her glasses today but she remembered the slime. I. just. can't.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Full Weekend, Full Hearts

We had a very full weekend! Friday, Issa danced in the Mebane Christmas Parade! It is quite the parade, and we were incredibly lucky to score great seats! Not only was it in the parking lot of a place selling hot cocoa but it also had a row of tires along the edge. Evan was more than happy to perch there while Brad and I used the camp chairs. We did discover my flash is very bright:
 But I had two great dates to the parade:
 Evan was very tired of waiting by the time the parade actually started:
 Thankfully, shortly after that another family joined us. They had a third grade boy, and the two boys had a blast. They also had a toddler who fell in love with Evan! If he moved, she did. It was hysterical!

Saturday, the boys headed to the dojo and Issa and I made the gifts for her littles:
 And when Evan returned we baked cookies:
 Yes...Evan chose R2D2 and ninjas. I can't.

Issa went the more traditional route:
Buddy had brought us boxes to use to take cookies to the neighbors, so we made over 100 sugar cookies!

Saturday night, we went to see School of Rock at DPAC, and it was incredible! The kids got to go, too, thanks to Ryan, who wasn't using his tickets. Evan sat with me, and I loved hearing laugh out loud.

Sunday, we joined Nana for church and then had a lovely lunch before shopping. Nana and Issa went to do her Christmas shopping, and Evan tagged along with Brad and I to choose a new mattress! We can't wait for it to arrive next week! By the time we finished that, it was time to switch! Evan went shopping and Issa came home with us to finish homework.

Buddy had suggested we go see lights last night, but after such a full weekend we decided that elf was not the boss of us! We enjoyed a quiet evening of snuggles, which was the perfect ending for such a full weekend.