Monday, November 13, 2017

Not At All Planned But All Good

I had grand plans of cleaning and organizing this weekend. We have another crazy week. Issa is doing the hair and make-up for the school play, I leave for Charleston Thursday, and Brad's dad comes for a visit Friday. I had grand designs of having us all ready for all of that. I did no cleaning and we are so far from ready, but it was worth it.

Friday, we kicked the weekend off with our first fire and chestnuts:

 Brad had finally perfected the technique by adding a little steam to the roasting process. The kids would still prefer s'mores, though:

 Saturday, Issa and I headed our for our annual Christmas crafting supply shopping list and lunch at Pizza Hut thanks to her book-it coupon:
 The pop socket was a whim.

Sunday, we went to get the second round of craft supplies, Evan new shoes, and Issa a curtain for her closet. We are moving furniture--again--always--and the doors are now replaced by a curtain and all of her things are completely reorganized. We also spent a ton of time making a flock:
We made 27 of these little turkeys for her dance littles, sisters, and teammates.

I'm so behind the eight ball, but I think it was worth it.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Best Aunt Ever

My sister, well, I want to be her when I grow up. She works a crazy job, travels all the time, and yet never, ever forgets my kids and their traditions. From Issa's very first winter, she has given my kiddos their winter coats--largely because these Southern coats won't cut it for Ohio Christmas. Before I can even begin thinking about coats (because I won't think of coats until I see 30 degrees in the forecast), I get a text asking for sizes. 

Since she is traveling for Thanksgiving this year, the coats arrived in the mail. And because Aunt Shannon is trulyt magic, they arrived the day before the first really cold morning of the year. 

Issa nearly slept in hers she was so excited:
 I can almost deal with how grown up she looks--almost. Aunt Shannon also sends all the winter accessories, and Issa gushed over the hat. In fact, she is wearing it all day for hat day today.

And Evan, well, he was very upset I made him leave the laundry room for a picture:
The eyes on that hat glow in the dark. I mean really? Could it be any more perfect?

They were so excited to be bundled this morning, warm and snug in one giant hug from Aunt Shannon.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Little Holly Jolly

So...I'm down right giddy right now. We are huge, huge fans of Thanksgiving, but we also start plotting Christmas in November around our house. In November, we focus on planning activities and what gifts we would like to give. It makes December so much less stressful if we've already made a lot of our gifts in November!

On Monday, Brad emailed out of the blue with a fabulous idea. He thought it would be fun if we all wore ugly Christmas sweaters to my aunt's house this year--a sort of competition if you will. I floated the idea, and my family is ALL IN! The flurry of texts I've gotten of sweater ideas from my cousins is hysterical. Shannon and Becca are planning a photo booth to capture the hilarity. Brad and I are plotting prizes and a game. It's just fun.

Last night, our little crew made our sweater purchases. We wanted them to arrive with plenty of time for embellishing. They are fabulous, and I must say Brad may be hard to top.

I love the joy the end of the year brings, and I am really focusing on that this year. Ho ho ho!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Last Wednesday was a bit of a big night:
 Evan graduate not only to a red-white belt but also to the next level of classes:
 Brad earned his blue-white belt and joined the Mon Jin!

But this picture:
This is why juggling all the crazy schedules is worth it. Evan has been training with Mr. Bryan since he started, and this moment after graduation--priceless. I'm not sure who is more proud.

Monday, November 6, 2017

This Guy...

Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the fact that I am completely spoiled by this man:
 Saturday night, we went to see Love Never Dies, which was a fantastic show.

Then yesterday, he gave me a full day off. I had the opportunity to go to a yoga retreat, and he pushed me to go. He also pushed me to phone in the day, taking a lovely nap before I went and a hot bath when I got home. He made a beautiful brunch and a fun dinner. I did nothing. And while I was doing nothing, he started repairing our dishwasher and dryer. And swept and mopped.

And then this cuteness:
He wanted to read; Frosty wanted to snuggle. Melts my heart. I think I will keep him,

Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween Happenings

 We had so much fun celebrating Halloween this year! For the first time in forever, we had no plans for the weekend and the kids had Monday off--it doesn't get much better. The weather was perfect, so we pitched the tent Friday for a little backyard camping:
 The kids spent three nights in the tent and most of the days. Brad and I loved sitting upstairs at night with the window open listening to laughter and watching flashlights swirl around the tent.

Sunday, we carved the pumpkins:
 But we also got a little unconventional. Issa wanted to melt crayons over hers, and I was afraid the prolonged heat of the hair dryer might turn the pumpkins to mush. Enter my creme brule torch:
 And Evan wanted his to look like a planetarium dome. Enter the drill:
 And then Brad got crazy and attached smaller pumpkins to his:
 The end results were pretty special:
 Monday, the kids decided to decorate pillow cases for trick-or-treat bags:

 And then we baked Halloween cupcakes:

 And then I texted Brad that I had lost my mind and it was all too much crafting.

Tuesday night, we had our annual street party pizza dinner prior to trick-or-treating:

It took two pictures to be able to see both of mine. I love how this crew just keeps expanding! The older ones just keep bringing their friends to us instead of leaving. Issa invited Ellie to come this year:

 They actually walked the neighborhood with Ellie's family, but I insisted on the sibling picture before they left:
 Harley Quinn and Deadshot had a great night!

Evan invited a friend to walk with him, and then he ended up at our house for hot cocoa and the great candy swap:
I loved passing out treats to about 400 kiddos, and I was so impressed by the sheer joy of the evening. All of the families were relaxed and polite and just enjoying the night. And with that, we said goodbye to Halloween 2017:

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Part Cat

So...I have a small secret: I have become a carpool cat-napper. Since Issa has to be at the studio so close to the time school gets out, two days a week I pick her up. If I'm not there 45 minutes before the bell rings, I'm out on the street worrying I'm going to get crunched by passing traffic. So, I go early. I always have grand plans of grading or responding to emails, but the sun comes in and the van is so cozy. I've discovered I can pop my sunglasses on, lock the doors, and get a super high quality power nap. It's a good thing.