Friday, November 30, 2012

Sweet Children

Yesterday was lovely. After school, Issa helped me pack and wrap all of our mailed gifts and take them to the post office. She was so excited to help, and I was so excited to send a little holiday cheer to people we won't see at Christmas. Then, we picked up Evan and headed to the library.
Have I mentioned I love our library? We arrived to find it completely decked out for Christmas. I did notice there were some oddities, like a bed set up in a corner. Hmmmm...random. We also noticed that the displays were all filled with holiday books with big signs to check them out. I love this library. Then, we stopped by to say hello to Miss Kate, our favorite librarian, and she said she had a special scavenger hunt for us. Needless to say, my kiddos were on it!
She handed them a copy of "The Night Before Christmas," with certain phrases in bold. Each of those items were somewhere in the library. Got it! The bed now made sense. We had such fun exploring the decorations and reading the poem. Such a great idea!
When we came home, Evan insisted we bury Papa Frog immediately. It was the one sad point of the evening. I asked if we could wait for Daddy, but Evan didn't want Papa buried in the dark. I started digging, but the ground was rock hard and frozen; it was slow going. Issa made a little headstone, and Evan raised concerns about the ground being so cold. Issa gathered little pine branches to put under and on top of him in a very sweet big sisterly moment. Daddy pulled in the driveway and rescued me by finishing the digging. The kids arranged the branches and coffin, and Issa said the absolutely sweetest prayer, more for her brother than anything else. Both Brad and I melted, and poor Evan sobbed as we finished burying his frog. It was a wonderful reminder how very sweet my children are and how very much I love them.
After the tears subsided, we headed out to get our tree...and I remembered the camera this year!
 The fire department had a great selection again, and the kids had a blast exploring:
 Of course, Mr. Eddie let us see the firetrucks:
 I think Issa might need to grow a bit before she drives:
 We headed back out to make our final selection, and Mr. Eddie and another fireman tied it to the top of the van:
 Let me tell you, firemen don't play when it comes to knots. That tree was not coming off, but Daddy got it and headed in:
 So, it might have been a little bigger than we thought. Once Brad started moving, there was no stopping. Hence, this is the pic I got of the tree going in the house:
 We got it in the stand without any sawing, though:
The big reveal will have to wait until we get it decorated, but this might be my very favorite tree yet!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Sad Morning

This morning got off to a very sad start. Papa Frog died sometime in the night.

I had just gotten out of the shower, and I heard Evan calling from his room. When I got there, he was a little teary and asked why Papa looked funny.

I hate that moment. The moment when I know he knows why, but I have to say it out loud. My poor boy turned into a puddle. I held him as his whole little body shook and the tears rolled. We put him in a little tupperware casket, and we'll bury him beside Nana Frog tonight.

I love that my boy loves his pets so fiercely, but I so wish I could keep them alive forever.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Magic in the Tough Stuff

So...this parenting thing is not for the weak of heart...or the short of patience. Yesterday was just one of those days. Issa had her annual physical yesterday morning, which went swimmingly. She is tall, lean, and healthy. I don't take that last part lightly; I am grateful every day that I have healthy children.

While Issa loves our doctor, it did set her world a little atilt since she got to school a bit late. She missed morning meeting and a little bit of math. No big deal...until homework time. Issa did the whole first side of her worksheet in two minutes. No problem. She turned it over, and burst into tears. Here is when I about lost it. They were the exact same kind of problems she just flew through--exactly. But, she remembered she hadn't heard her teacher read the directions and, "This problem is hard because it's about pumpkins." Shoot me now. I did my best teaching and remembered why I don't home school. I have way more patience with other people's children--especially when mine is being absurd.

We finally finished the homework, picked up Evan, and we all headed to ballet. Then there was the "Please just eat your dinners," and the "For the love of all that's good and holy please just pick a pair of pajamas." Brad is traveling, so I was on my own in this mission. By the time they were in bed, I was just too tired to breathe. the midst of all this chaos...there were moments. On the way to ballet, as we sat in traffic, Evan announced, "My teacher has Santa's phone number!" I looked in the rear view to see sparkling eyes and his proud little smile that only comes out when he's truly excited and a little smug about something, the one where the corners of his mouth pull down a little and his bottom lip tucks in. I love Christmas magic.

And then, as I was tucking Issa in bed, I looked at her board. Under what she wrote yesterday, she added, "It is Jesus tim." I must have lit up, because she said, "I wanted to add birthday time but I ran out of room." Be still my heart. Thank you for the reminder, sweet angel.

I determined this morning would be less chaotic, and it was. The kids were happy because Daddy gets home today, and they were anxious to get to Issa's school to pick ornaments off of the angel tree. Yes, my children understand what Christmas is about.

However, just to prove that I need Daddy home, we did have a moment. He called as were driving to school. At first, I couldn't believe he would call when he knew we would be in the car. Then, I realized the bus was running really late as I was sitting behind it. Then, I realized we had left ten minutes too early because I had a moment. So, we talked to Daddy in the parking lot and picked ornaments as soon as the school doors opened.

Yep...this parenting thing is tough, but I do love the magic.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From Bah-humbug to Holly Jolly

Yesterday morning, I was pretty bah-humbug--largely because of this:
 It may look like an ordinary, sheetless bed to you. To me, it was torture. Of all the housework, making beds is my least favorite. Changing them is horrid. Monday is bed changing day, and it is the one day Issa doesn't have to make her own bed. She doesn't even have to strip it. Since we only slept in our beds two nights last week, I was going to skip changing them this week. I thought it was a brilliant plan.

99% of the time, I have to ask Issa roughly 6,572,342 times to make her bed and threaten her with losing the pebble if I have to ask one more time. It's just part of our morning. Yesterday, though, my little angel decided to "help" and strip her bed within 2.5 seconds of her alarm going off. I nearly cried.

The problem was not only did I have to make the bed, but it was one more thing to do before I could get out the Christmas decorations.  Bah-humbug!

I was on turbo speed all day, though. I have never cleaned the house or grocery shopped so efficiently. By the time the kids got home, I had a few Christmas things about, and they were hysterical. Issa was excited, but Evan was beside himself. He was so funny. He remembered some decorations but others were brand new to him. He giggled his way all over the house. The kiddos helped me finish everything but the tree by bed time, and we were all feeling quite holly and jolly by the time we were finished.

Then, as I tucked Issa in, I saw this, and my heart melted:
"Christmas is here. It's time for holiday cheer."

Yes, my love, it is.

Monday, November 26, 2012

So Thankful...

This Thanksgiving was exactly what it should have been: time with family. We had a wonderful time in Ohio, but I took very few pictures. I was too in the moment. I did get a few...
A make-shift basketball hoop:
 This was a great game until Daddy passed to Issa and she got hit in the face--oops. I don't have pictures of Tyler lowering his hoop and helping the kids play basketball in his driveway.  Evan is still talking about it.

Our new neighbor:
 This wild guy moved in next door. He is not even remotely afraid of people, although he is not too found of Viv. The kids loved watching him strut around and fluff himself. I don't have pictures of the kids and I helping Nana cook our turkey. There is just no place warmer than a kitchen.

Issa taught Uncle Jeff to play jax:
 We're still a little dubious on the rules.

The little cousins had a tea party:
Magic happens when you give small children water, strawberries, bananas, and a tea set. I could watch them play forever.

There were many toasts and laughter. We talked about the wedding and just spent time together. Bliss.

When we headed to the other side, I got to watch my kids adore their older cousins. There were more nerf gun fights than should be legal, and Alec built the coolest fort for he and Evan to sleep in. Yes...he actually slept in the fort, too, and Evan was in heaven. Lil gave Issa make-overs, and my little girl looked so much bigger with her bigger cousins. It was lovely.

Perhaps that is why I love Thanksgiving: the main event is being together. A meal. Talking. Just being in the moment, and I love those moments.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The kids and I headed out to rake yesterday, and this time I took my camera. Issa loves raking:
 Evan loves telling Issa when she misses a leaf:
 They both love jumping in the piles....
 And I think they kind of love each other.

If you want to see pure joy:
 That's it. Pure joy. Throwing leaves and watching them fall. I wish you could hear the giggles and the squeals. Real belly laughs followed by deep sighs. Life doesn't get any better.

And lest you think Evan didn't help:
He's the king of the wheelbarrow. He loves dumping the leaves at the curb.

This is what fall is all about. Enjoy the simplicity. Being thankful for the moments. Pure joy.

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Little Man

I know I've posted about our chore charts and pebble system before. This weekend was the fun end of that. Usually, the kids choose cash when they earn their 50 pebbles. This time, though, they each decided they wanted a date day. Issa chose Daddy, and my little man asked for a date with me. Be still my heart. While Daddy and Issa headed out to movies, Evan and I headed to the museum.

Our museum opened their holiday train exhibit this weekend, and Evan couldn't get there fast enough. He got to drive a red caboose:

 Really? Does life get any better?
 I love seeing the North Carolina landmarks made from all natural materials, but Evan really is just about the trains. He loved climbing up in the lookout tower to watch them all run:
 See...we were there:
 It's a horrible picture, but it was a moment. I was giggling so hard, and Evan just kept shouting, "I love my mama!" The whole afternoon was pretty hysterical. He was just beside himself that he got to make all of the decisions--no sister to share in the planning. He would ask to do something, I would say yes, and he would sigh, "Oh, thank you, mama." Sometimes it is just so nice to be able to yes!

After the trains, we headed outside to play on the drums:
 We had the whole exhibit to ourselves, and Evan banged his little heart out.

Then he was king of the sand box:
 Again, we had it all to ourselves.

This was one of the highlights of Evan's day:
 The new alpacas enjoy pumpkins, but the squirrel got there first. We did have fun watching the latest addition to the barnyard:
 After all that exploring, we needed a snack:
 A cinnamon apples popsicle was the ticket. I love this little face:
 He had just declared it "super good punch." It's serious stuff.

Evan as an alpaca:
 Then it was off to the dinosaur trail:
 He and I pretended we were t-rexes the whole trail. He thought it was hysterical that I played with him, and the crazy looks I got didn't even matter when his little face lit up as I roared and stomped beside him.

And...the bears were out:
This is the perfect time of year to watch the bears, and they were all very active. We stood for twenty minutes watching them eat and play. It was lovely.

We ended our day with hot cocoa and one more trip through the trains. He was asleep before we hit the highway, but he proclaimed it the best day ever right before he fell asleep.

It was a pretty great day, and Daddy and Issa had a great time, too. There is something so special about one-on-one days. We love the whole family time, but we also know these afternoons are so important...and so special...and I have a feeling becoming much more frequent.

Friday, November 16, 2012


I am very thankful this morning.
Issa had an event at school last night called Thankful for Books. The media specialist and music teacher collaborated to invite all of the first grade families in to sing and read. In short, it was a perfect night for our girl.
Unfortunately, I went down like a ton of bricks last night. I think the virus finally took over, and Brad tucked me in bed when he got home at 4:30. I woke up when my alarm went off this morning. I feel a million times better, and I am so thankful he takes better care of me than I do.
And...he took the kids last night. And...he took pictures and video for me:
I cried. This is the first school event I've ever missed, but the kids told me all about it this morning, and Issa read me one of her books. And...I got to watch them play bongos. I am very thankful...

Thursday, November 15, 2012


There is a reason, in an ideal world, parents come in teams, and I am so very, very lucky that I have the best teammate on the planet.

Last night was one of those nights in our house. Any one who has kids or has been around kids a lot knows exactly what I mean. The kids were tired, recovering from the coughing crud that will just not go away. It was a perfect storm. They were on the edge all night--Jekyll and Hyde--rocking between giggles and real tears seamlessly.

We both worked from home yesterday, and we saw the storm start when we were doing homework with Issa. I started, the way we always do, but she crumbled over math she knows how to do. She decided she wanted to do it all in her head instead of use any kind of problem solving strategies, which is just dumb. The teacher in me tried to coach and prod and assure her that using the strategies is what shows your teacher how smart you are because it shows you know how to think. The mom in me wanted to scream, "Just do your bloddy homework!" The teacher part won, thankfully. She whined and got teary and as we finished the worksheet, Brad tagged in for spelling because Wednesday means writing sentences and that can be tense on a good day. (Five words in three sentences is not difficult unless you are Issa and want the three sentences to tell a story and contain twelve phrases. I hate Wednesday spelling.) By the time spelling was finished, there were real tears and a break needed before she could read. But...we had done it. Our team. We had tagged in and out and shot each other the "What the hell" look that makes us giggle so we don't cry or scream or generally lose it.

It was about this point that I realized I had forgotten to put the ever loving chicken in the oven to roast. We decided on a plan b from the freezer, and I headed out to get Evan before I started said plan b.

He had a great day at school, but then he fell apart in the van because Issa got to see Daddy first. Yes...Jekyll and Hyde part two was in the car seat. We made it home, and I shot Brad the look that means brace yourself. I am so glad we have this lexicon of looks. It was at about that point that someone melted because something happened. I honestly don't remember. I just know it caused the other to cry because the sibling was sad and oh the humanity of that moment.

Our team knows when to throw in the towel. Order pizza. Bathe children while we wait for it. Early bed time. We tag teamed. Putting out the most pressing fires. Laughing so we didn't cry or scream.

The pizza came. We ate. Children chilled out. We got some good snuggle time, and a little bit of order was restored.

At one point in the evening, Evan announced, "Don't snuggle me until I get back." Oh, sweet boy, I think I can manage that one. And somehow, that sort of summed up the night. We got basically happy children into bed, and our sane children emerged from beds this morning ready for a new day...same team, though. I think I'll keep him.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

She's Ba-ack!

I may have mentioned that my sister got married. It was one of the most beautiful, heartfelt ceremonies and days I have ever attended. It was perfect.

Then...she went on a honeymoon...for two weeks. And although I am truly glad they got the time away and had a wonderful time, I am so very, very glad she is back.

Over the past two weeks, I lost count of how many times I started to pick up the phone to tell her something funny one of the kids did, something crazy some relative did, or just something random that I thought she needed to know. I showed tremendous restraint, though, and never called. Even when I got the text saying they were home, I was patient.

Over the past 48 hours, though, we have talked three times. I missed her--terribly. The funny thing is I didn't realize how often we talked until she was away. We both have quirky work schedules that make a ten minute phone call at 1:30 on any given Tuesday possible--a wondrous thing. I love that. I love that she gets me...and my kids...and our family. I love that she will listen to me vent or whine or laugh. I love that she is my sister, and I am glad she is back.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stupid Special

Last night, I got stupid, but the results were oh so...special. Daddy was in Chicago (he's coming home tonight), and yesterday morning I promised the kids we could do our Thanksgiving gingerbread house. After lunch, Issa asked if Briana could come over to help, and without thinking I said sure. I even agree she could stay for dinner.
It all started so sweetly:
 Aren't they a cute bunch? And they started so nicely:
 Too many gummy worms later, Evan had a disaster:
 That is frosting all over his arm. It was also on his pants and sock. Good grief. And then the girls starting laughing while holding piping bags of royal icing. You can imagine the mess...and the sticky...and the giggles.

The end result was one very special house:
We had a great time, but I don't think three on one is the optimal ratio for these types of projects.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Unicorns, Baby!

Kelle Hampton, a blogger and author I read regularly, likens parenting to writing our children's story books. Every memory is a page. It's a metaphor I instantly fell in love with, and I want our kiddos to have fairytale story books--complete with unicorns and rainbows.
Brad constantly reminds me that not every day needs to be a fairytale, but I firmly believe every week should have at least one unicorn. Last week, with the coughing crud hitting our house hard, the story was more of survival. It was the part of the fairytale where the prince is just riding along--not even hacking through thistles--just riding along.
By Friday, I was in dire need of a unicorn. So, we decided to make turkey pizzas in honor of Thanksgiving. Not pizzas with turkey on top. Oh no. Pizzas shaped like turkeys.
I had my own two turkeys to help:
 See...these crusts are turkeys.
 Sure, they may look a bit like hands. But isn't that how we all learned to draw a turkey?
 Perhaps the toppings make it look more like a turkey:
 Maybe not. Per usual, this was one of those unicorns that was a lot more glittery in my head. But...we did laugh until we cried. And they were tasty. And if you squint and tip your head a little to the right they really do look like turkeys.

Saturday morning, Steph, Torre, and Ryan came over for breakfast. Torre was back in town visiting, and although it had been months since we were all together, it felt like yesterday. Issa introduced them to Hrme, and we all played in the front yard. Really, I sat and watched in gratitude. I will be forever grateful to these people that love my  children so fiercely and who are willing to roll down the hill with our kids. They are true friends in every sense of the word.

Saturday night, the kids and Daddy decided to bake cookies, which required a wardrobe change for Issa:
 These two should really open their own bakery:
Yesterday, we enjoyed the warmer weather by working in the yard. I mowed while the kids played sidewalk chalk. Then, these two kids became little people. Like actual helpful little people. I cut the butterfly bushes way back, and they pretended they were giants as the hauled the branches to the curb. We raked, and they jumped in piles. (They also refused to let me take pictures--punks.) Then, they loaded the leaves in the wheelbarrow and pushed it to the curb. I forget that when you are little this is the most fun ever! We closed the pond, and we gathered kindling for the next fire. It was blissful.

Today, Evan is off at school and Issa and I have big plans to hit the craft store to pick up some supplies for Christmas gifts. I am excited, but I am also a bit afeared. Issa in a craft store is a bit like most children in a candy shop. Pray for me.'s a unicorn, baby, and I'm all about unicorns!

Friday, November 9, 2012


My boy is the picture of sweetness right now. When mornings go very well, we all have a few minutes to just breathe before we head out the door. This morning, Evan asked for some "alone time" before school.

I love Evan's version of alone time. It really means he wants to be doing something by himself on one end of the couch while I sit at the other. He doesn't want to be alone; he just wants to be independent.

He is "reading" a train book. He is very carefully describing every engine and admiring the pictures. His sweet little voice still sounds little, and I love that he loves to look at books so sweetly.

I think I'll keep him.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Riddle Me This

Hmmm....I just found a rubber ducky in my briefcase. Now, I carried said briefcase to class last night, and there was no bath this morning. That means one of my angels walked into the bathroom specifically to get said rubber ducky and put it in my bag this morning.

The age old question: why?

I would love to say this is odd, but I find all kinds of odd things in my bag. Nobody puts them there. At least that's the response I get when I ask who and why in the evening. Moments like this make me wish I could get into their little brains and follow the logic. least it was a good laugh.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Issa's Year in Review

I finally finished Issa's pictorial Year in Review. While the pictures tell a lot of the story, there is so much more that I want Issa to know about this year. So, following tradition, here is the narrative year in review...

My, dear, sweet, baby girl,

I finished your year in review, and once again, there is so very much I want you to know about this past year. A few memories from your mother...

First, you are getting so very big. When I did these reviews when you were a baby and toddler, I was prepared to see the growth. I boxed up enough clothes in those years that I knew to be braced to see my baby growing before my eyes. This year, it snuck up on me. You went from a little girl to a big girl over the course of a few photographs. Your baby face has completely disappeared, and I am left with a big first grader, a beautiful big girl with earnest, sparkling blue eyes and a few less teeth.

You also have completely abandoned the stage where I can dress you in whatever I like. You have your own sense of style and taste. Doing your hair is a negotiation ranging from "flat flat" to more ponytails than any one girl should wear. You adopted your first fad with a series of feathers in your hair, and your clothing must sparkle. Period. These negotiations exhaust me sometimes. Occasionally, I miss my baby in ruffles and hair bows. But, sweetheart, I love that you have the confidence to wear what you like. I love that you have some flair and pizazz. You make me proud and more confident myself. And remember...invest in quality accessories. They are worth it.

Your flair doesn't end with your style, though. Good grief, you have a flare for the dramatic! The pictures of you talking with your hands--that's every day. I have lost track of the number of times you have had the "best day of my life" only to have me "ruin my life" a few moments later. I am sure this is just the beginning. Every time you say that, I reply, "Get used to it. It's my job." Well, babe, it is my job. It is my job to make sure you don't lose your ever loving mind. It is my job to make sure you are safe. As you get older, I am quite certain we will disagree about what "safe" and "reasonable" mean. Just know, I really don't try to make you miserable, but I will if I have to because I love you that much.

Over the course of this year, you somehow became a reader. I remember sitting beside you as you painstakingly sounded out every letter. Reading a book took a lot of time, and at times it was painful for both of us. Then, one day, I heard you reading to your brother. Really reading. We have caught you reading in bed when you are supposed to be sleeping, and I often see you curled up in the chaise with a chapter book--a chapter book!--reading to yourself. You love books, and I pray you never lose that love. You are never really alone if you have a book. Keep one in your purse. You will thank me someday.

This was a year of many firsts. You went to your first summer camps, and you went to your first big school. You were so brave. I was always prepared to hang around a bit at drop off, but you barely hugged me goodbye. You were off to new adventures. I bit my lip and smiled, but please know every first day I got to my car I sobbed. You are growing so quickly, and I know that every time you venture out on these little excursions you are one step closer to stepping out on your own. I am so proud of the person you are becoming, and I am so proud of you for embracing every adventure for just that, an adventure. You are going places, baby girl. Thank you for letting me tag along for the ride.

With new adventures come new friends, and I have loved getting to know your friends this year. The summer was filled with giggles and squeals and a houseful of girls. You are such a good friend, and I am so grateful for that. As you get older, I have no doubt there will be some fall outs. Some of these friends will come and go as you all grow. Just remember, one true friend is worth the world. She is worth fighting with and for.

Even as a write that advice, I know you probably don't need it. Your heart is so big, and you are the most empathetic child I have ever known. I know I complain every time we go shopping for a birthday gift because oh the humanity of wandering the shelves for what feels like hours. But sweetheart, I am so proud that you know your friends so well that you want to find just the perfect gift for each. I also love listening to you talk with your friends. I have seen you comfort a crying friend, and my heart swells just a bit bigger.

I have also seen you be the very best big sister a boy could ask for. You and Evan are thick as thieves, and I pray that never changes. Even when you squabble, as soon as I threaten to separate the two of you, you are back to begging to play together. Let me let you in on a little secret: I know you get back out of bed every night to go tell Evan goodnight one more time. I hear you two whispering, and I hear your little footsteps on his ladder. I wouldn't change that for the world, though.

As close as you and Evan are, though, you and your daddy are inseparable. When I look at the pictures of the two of you, my heart melts. There are no words for that...

Sweet angel, Daddy and I both love you more than the moon and the sun and the stars. I am so very, very proud of the person you are and the person you are becoming. Thank you for letting me be on this adventure with you, and know I will always be right behind you. I'm your biggest fan and your biggest cheerleader...always have been...always will be. You are my Issa Bug, and you have a very big piece of my heart with you everywhere you go.

Love forever and always,

Your Mama

Monday, November 5, 2012


Our family is fighting a bug. Evan brought it home, and it has now moved through Issa and on to Daddy and I. It's nothing serious--just an annoying cough. Saturday, though, I finally decided to take a nap and try to kick it. I woke up to this:
It reads, "Der Mom. I am sad you are sik. Sad. Sad. Sad. Sad. Sad. Hrt is sad."

As pitiful as it is, it is also so sweet. I think I'll keep her.

Friday, November 2, 2012

This Really Happened

Every so often, something happens in our house that just shocks me--usually because I just can't believe it really happened. It's never anything earth shattering. It's just...surprising. About fifty percent of the time, one of the kids creates it. The other fifty percent of the time, it's my husband. Last night, it was the latter.

The day after Halloween is always a mess. The kids are sugar crashed and over-tired. I dread it. By the time we got to dinner last night, I was running on fumes and the kids were either giggling or crying. There was no middle ground.

After dinner, Daddy decided to share his Angry Bird fruit snacks to try to tame the beasts. We were still sitting around the table, and the kids were discussing the various birds. I asked if I could try just one, and Brad very calmly said, "Say oink." I remember shooting him a look, but then I went ahead and said it.

And then...he threw the bird at me!

Just like in the game. He threw the Angry Bird at the pig. It really happened...and there were fits of laughter all around the table.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just Treats

The world is a little safer thanks to Spiderman and Spider Girl:
 I love their different approaches to the characters. Evan is about to pounce on evil; Issa will out-pose it. Love these kids!

At first, Evan wasn't so sure about trick-or-treating. To be honest, I think he kind of forgot what it was all about. Issa suggested he practice at our house, and I think this picture captures the transformation:
 "Oh, yeah, I get candy. Let's go!" I think that sums it up.

And if little brother gets to practice, well, big sister should, too:
 She was a bit more particular about the process.

The whole Spider family headed out to trick-or-treat:
 Yep...Evan got Daddy a mask for his birthday.

Evan made it to about ten houses, and then he started to get chilly. I didn't mind a little company handing out candy:
 We snuggled up under a quilt and admired costumes. So fun!

And, I would say the kids made a pretty good haul:
Evan fell in love with Laffy Taffy last week thanks to Aunt Carol, so he spent the evening digging for more taffy. Issa discovered peanut butter m&ms; life is good. I would say the whole night was one big treat.