Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Holly Jolly-ing

In the midst of everything else, we are really enjoying the Christmas season. Our elf brought us all footy pajamas to snuggle in as we do all things Christmas-y, and my very sweet husband took to posing ours:
Even our jammies kind of life each other. They really are some of the softest, coziest, loveliest pajamas:
 Evan is so hoping for a pajama day at school soon so can be a wookie all day.

Issa and I also decorated the tree last week:
 Our little table top tree is working pretty well for us! And we hung garland above the windows to hold all the lighter ornaments:
 I also love all the pine cones in my pineapple serving tower:
Last weekend, we finished our shopping and went to see a great community theatre production of Elf! This weekend, we will celebrate Christmas as our little family of four, and Brad and I can't wait to surprise the kids. More on that next week...

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