Monday, July 28, 2014

School Here We Come!!! wasn't really my original plan, but we are all ready for school! Evan found out who his teacher is last Wednesday, and with that information he was ready to get his school supplies. Issa is still waiting to hear, so the plan was to just go get Evan's backpack and lunch box Friday on our way home from Issa's last day of math camp.

Our plan was to start with lunch at the mall, but Issa noticed that Children's Place was having a big sale and thought maybe we should get the first day of school outfits. So we did. It was the first time I have ever actually taken Evan shopping, and I was shocked what he chose. I'm sworn to secrecy, but he is going to be the most adorable kindergartener. Issa's outfit is just Issa--that's all I can say about that.

After lunch, we went to get the backpack, and I laughed so hard the whole time. There is nothing like taking my two totally different children into a store and watching. Issa ended up getting her backpack and lunchbox, too, and they are just so them. I think we tried on every style in the store, and they couldn't be more different. Again, though, I am sworn to secrecy!

With all of that accomplished, Issa decided we should just finish the shopping. Who am I to argue? We aren't fans of crowds, and we had the school aisles to ourselves. The lists are checked off, and everything is all packed and ready to go! We start school on August 25, but there will be no frantic shopping around here. I am one happy mama....

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