Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Full Swing of Summer

We have settled into a July routine.

Issa spends her days at the studio. The past two weeks, she has been a counselor of little people camps. This week and next, she is in Production Camp. They are producing The Little Mermaid, and Issa is beyond thrilled to be playing Ursula.

Evan is designing video games in Tynker and coming along with me to various volunteer events at the school. We have been packing food for the backpack buddies program and helping completely redo the media center with our new media specialist, who is a saint. We love her!

Brad is working his tail off with multiple clients. He's also keeping the rest of us on the rails while I'm running around.

I'm teaching two summer classes, which is fun but exhausting. I'm also working on some state level work and trying to get ready for the fall. It's a bit of a blur.

Mostly, we are enjoying the relative quiet of July. It's busy, but there is still time for family walks and game days. I'll take it.

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