Monday, November 3, 2014

Just Treats

This weekend was yet another fabulous fall weekend. 

Trick-or-Treating was a roaring success. May I introduce my clone trooper and zombie kitty:
I just love my annual pictures of them "practicing" at out house:

This year, Issa wanted to do an experiment. She wanted to see whether trick-or-treaters preferred toys or candy, so I ordered some little toys from Oriental Trading and got the usual candy assortment. In two hours both were completely gone--all 550 pieces. The toys were a way bigger hit than I imagined. In fact, I didn't give out a single piece of candy in the first forty-five minutes. On a related note, I apologize to the neighborhood for the vampire fang whistles. May they break quickly.

Saturday, Issa had dance in the morning and then we had friends over for dinner. I will be forever grateful to have found friends that are a mirror for our family. There is nothing better than listening to children laugh upstairs while sitting on the couch chatting with a friend while the men make monster burgers in the kitchen very happily. Heavenly.

Sunday, we took the kids to their first food truck rodeo with Ryan and Felicia. Evan is a big fan:
What is not to love about a fabulous bacon cheddar baked potato? Issa ended up loving it, but she spent the first fifteen minutes wandering in a state of complete overwhelmed-ness. Way too many choices. She finally landed on teriyaki shrimp and was one happy camper. They both are already asking when the next one will be.

We headed straight from the rodeo to the farm for an end of season Pie and Dye party. Yep. We ate pie and tie dyed shirts. It was really fun until it started to get really cold. Poor Issa just has zero meat on her bones, and we had to leave as soon as the dye was on the shirts.

When we got home, though, Daddy put a huge fire in the fireplace. We packed up the jack-o-lanterns and witches and got out the turkeys and pumpkins. We lit a sage candle and settled into one of my very favorite of the many things I'm thankful for this morning.

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