Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Long Story for One Cute Picture

Every so often, Brad gets the "Let's Move the Furniture" bug. I am the type of person who would happily leave her furniture in the same location my entire life, but Brad likes variety. All it takes is one little comment about something random and he's off.

Last week, Issa mentioned that she wished she had a desk downstairs. She and Evan doing homework at the same table doesn't work so well, and the computer desk is occupied by a computer, so actually working there is tricky for Issa since she's a spreader. If she has three sheets of homework she needs at least three feet of work surface. Her desk upstairs is too far away from everyone to possibly work up there. Alas. A desk would indeed be nice in her world.

I saw the look and I knew a shift was coming. We had an old desk in the garage, and Brad thought it would be nice to bring it in for her. However, there was no easy place for a desk to just appear. 

I woke up Saturday morning and it had begun. I came downstairs to find Brad mid-move. By the time Issa and I got home from her dance rehearsal, the whole downstairs was rearranged and there was a desk in his office for her. She was very, very thrilled.

What we didn't realize was how well this was going to work for Evan. We got a new Betta fish a couple of weeks ago when the cannibal tetra finally died. That fish was an enigma. He should have needed a school to survive, but every time we gave him friends he would eat them.The new Betta is named Fire Fish, and Evan is in love with him.

When we moved the furniture, the couch ended up right below the kitchen pass through, which means this is how Evan spends much of his free time:
He loves being able to climb up the couch to sit on the ledge and watch Fire Fish. A few years ago, I probably would have complained about the climbing, but I have come to accept the fact that my couch is really just a cushioned jungle gym. He's happy, and it's nice to have him sitting there chatting while I'm in the kitchen.

And that is the long story for one cute picture.

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