Wednesday, November 2, 2016

An Adventure

We got to see a fire truck last night! All is well, but we had a friendly visit from our local department.

Our carbon monoxide detector went off. It stopped, but it had never actually gone off before. So...I called the non-emergency number at the station to seek guidance. After a lot of conversation, they advised I call 911 so they could be dispatched with their meter just to be sure. They were pretty sure it was a faulty device, but when one is dealing with carbon monoxide it's better to be safe.

Thankfully, they did not come in with sirens blaring--just lights. Within a few minutes, we had the all clear and the knowledge that our detector was old and needed to be replaced. Brad did so last night.

I certainly slept much better knowing all was well, and I slept even better knowing that as soon as our neighbors saw the truck they came out to check on us. Keith across the street offered that the kids could come on over if they were frightened or cold--they weren't, but I certainly did appreciate the offer. And I know that had it not been a false alarm, we would have had a whole village to help us last night.

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