Tuesday, November 29, 2016

So Very Thankful

Despite the appalling lack of photographic evidence, we had a great Thanksgiving in Ohio.

We started the trip at Brad's dad's. He allowed Brad and I to do the cooking this year, and we had a blast. He also snapped this picture which is the only evidence we actually left the state:
 From there, we went to Brad's mom's, where we met her new puppy! The next day was spent playing with Rosco and the cousins. I never get tired of watching my two play with their cousins, and they can hardly wait for more at Thanksgiving.

Friday, we headed to Napoleon. After lunch with Papa, we went to Nana's for one last Thanksgiving. Saturday, we were able to visit Granddaddy before a cold took me out. We had plans to go to the zoo, but we ended up staying home to start the decorating. We were terribly amused as the kids arranged everything in conversational groups:
 I also love the Santa Wolf:
 On the way home Sunday, we picked up our tree:
 Yes...it is short. We are going a different route this year and doing a table top tree. I'm adjusting. It was just easier this year. Brad is moving to a new office,  and we still have a puppy. The kids are in love with the idea, though. They are also thrilled that this guy is back:
He was waiting for us when we got home Sunday, and this appeared Monday morning. He hung Christmas light balloons in the doorways--super fun.

I'm still down with this pesky cold, but I'm so grateful we had time with family. Bring on the holly jolly!

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