Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I want mom of the year status for the next ten Halloweens because I let this happen at our house:
 In case you weren't sure, Evan is a zombie and Brad and Issa are his edible victims:
 Like legit edible. The blood is Karo syrup with food coloring and little bits of pink fondant to look like clotting. We died spaghetti red for the guts. Issa had strips of fruit roll-ups tucked in her leg and arm. Brad had jerky mixed with the blood for his heart. Evan happily nibbled on them all night:
 It was so gross:
 The whole thing started because of the clown mess in the headlines. Evan said clowns weren't scary, and if he was going to scare people on the edge of the woods he would be a zombie--and he would hire people to be his victims. And thus the idea was born. I thought certainly it would die, but alas no. Yesterday afternoon I helped cut holes in clothing and staple zip locks in to be the pouches. These three were so very proud of themselves.

But there was no way I was participating. I did dress up though:
Happy Halloween!

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