Monday, January 30, 2017

Mom is Here!!!

Mom is officially a North Carolina resident! She arrived Wednesday, and all of her things followed on Thursday! All of the planning and careful diagramming of rooms worked as planned, and we were so relieved to see all of her favorite pieces of furniture fit no problem!

I am also so grateful that Susan, her real estate agent, has also become her friend! She arrived Thursday around lunch with pizza and a fresh set of eyes:
 My favorite moving in moment, though, was when her new counter tops arrived:
The original set was way too brown, so the replaced them with the correct granite. She was just beaming.

The whole move has been like that, and I have truly loved seeing her so happy! Shannon flew in Friday, and we were able to get most of the big things settled in--including a few paintings on the wall! And...Shannon and Mom got to join us for Issa's showcase. (More on that tomorrow.)

Now...we are settling into the new normal. I'm stopping by on my way home to help with another box or two. She'll come to Evan's graduation Wednesday. We're headed over there Saturday, and she's coming over for the Super Bowl. It still doesn't feel quite real...

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