Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So Close!

We have had a very busy few days! Nana has been in town, and we have been getting ready for her to make the big move next week!

We have done walk-throughs, ordered appliances, and shopped for little odds and ends. Mostly, we've been marveling that it's almost time for her to be four minutes away. It seems like we have been waiting forever, and now it's so close it hurts.

It's been fun to watch the kids realize what she will be here for--dance lessons, trips to the dojo, dinners just because. I loved having my grandparents close as I was growing up, and I am so, so beyond grateful that my kiddos will get to experience some of that. Evan was a bit sad to realize that Nana will actually be sleeping at her house, though. The poor boy thought that she would only sleep there when he did.

I can't wait for the adventures...

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