Wednesday, January 4, 2017

We Survived

Yesterday morning, we were warriors. We got up with the alarms, we got dressed in real clothes immediately, and we made it to school on time with all the right stuff. The angels were singing. (I mean seriously...the first day back should automatically be a two hour delay for everyone's sake. Let's just transition to reality gently.)

I was so proud of us.

And then the afternoon happened. Evan forgot his homework folder. He could do his homework, but that's not really the point. Then disaster struck when Issa had to divide 8600 by 10. She would tell me the answer was 860 (hurrah!) but insisted that when you did it on paper the answer was 10 (what?). I really tried to stay calm and patient and work this through. But it might have ended with me saying, "What are you talking about? You have lost all of your brain cells. Brad, I'm tagging out."

Mom. Of. The. Year.

He talked her through whatever the hitch was, and we were able to salvage the evening. It ended in laughter, which is all that really matters. But I'm telling you, homework on the first day back should totally be illegal!

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