Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Unicorn Moment

Issa's dance recital was this past weekend, and I will write all about it once I get the pictures from my sister because we all know I am incapable of taking pictures of important things.

In the mean time, we had a unicorn moment yesterday, and  I need to capture it here for the days that are less than magical.

This is the last week of school, which means schedules are wonky and there are an extra six million things that require my attention. I also have that little full-time job that requires attention. A few months ago, I also took back the housekeeping duties, and I'm really trying to keep to a schedule so I'm not cleaning on the weekends. This week, the schedule is compressed because I know Thursday and Friday are going to be a blur of end of the year fun. Last night, though, I was already behind and felt like I was on a treadmill.

The boys left for the dojo, and I started cleaning the bathrooms. From nowhere, Issa's little face popped up: "Can I help?"

The bathroom is a bit small for two people to clean, but I asked if she wouldn't mind tackling the dishes. She was on it. And then she did all of the fans and door frames before she dusted the whole house. Happily. Well.

I watched her cleaning, and for a split second she was three again, using half a bottle of Pledge on the piano bench while I bit my tongue because she was so proud to be "helping." Now she's ten, and she truly was helping. She asked me to check behind her, but I didn't need to. We had the whole house cleaned before we needed to start dinner.

And then she helped make dinner. We made big cobb salads, and we laughed. At some point, she stopped being a little girl, and while I miss parts of those days, I am absolutely loving days like yesterday and the young woman she is becoming.

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