Thursday, June 8, 2017

Another Season in the Books

This weekend, we put a pin in another dance season! Issa danced beautifully in her recital, and she had quite the little cheering section.

Ms. King, her teacher, graciously came to the whole recital:
 I'm always in awe of teachers who give up their Saturday nights to watch students dance. She even brought Issa flowers!

And Issa loved doing her ballet dance:
 I am so grateful that she still loves ballet, and she can't wait to production this camp and perform Cinderella this summer!

Aunt Shannon flew in from Chicago:
 And Grandma Pat and Grandpa Kevin drove in from Ohio:
 And Nana drove down the street:
 I never get tired of saying that!

I'm so grateful for the village that surrounds our girl on stage and at home:
 And the four of us, well, I think we can dance through anything together:
Issa grew tremendously this year, and I absolutely can't wait to see where she goes next year! I'll be right behind her with bobby pins and water no matter what!

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