Monday, June 12, 2017

Another School Year is in the Books!

Last Thursday, Issa officially graduated from elementary school. For a while now, we have had a deal with our kids that when the move to middle school they would get a real phone, but we genuinely surprised Issa when we gave it to her Thursday morning. I think she was expecting it at some later point, but we are sneaky. We hid the phone in the kitchen cabinet Wednesday night, and when Brad and I were both ready we came downstairs and called it. Her face was priceless when she saw Brad filming on his phone and me calling on mine. She and Dad had a quick crash course:
 And she was one happy graduate!
 Issa was so excited to graduate:
 And we couldn't have been more proud. She was recognized for being a part of the media crew and as outstanding Spanish student and Digital Citizen:
 Daddy was particularly pleased about the technology award.

We are so grateful that she had such a positive elementary school experience with teachers who loved her:
 And administrators who supported her:
 Especially an assistant principal who saw Issa's strength and encouraged it this year:
 And Friday they both had the last day of school:
 They were awfully glad to get off that bus:
We hosted the neighborhood end-of-year ice cream social when the bus arrived, and the neighbors down the street hosted a pool barbecue later that night.

Both kids were so blessed with teachers that challenged them and helped them to grow this year, and we will be forever grateful. Now it's full speed into summer!

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