Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Blueberries for Days

This summer, the kids and I are trying to do one fun thing a day. Twice, that fun thing has been venturing out to Hawk Hill Blueberry Patch. We love climbing through their 500 pushes to find the best berries:

 The bushes were prolific this year, and in our two trips we have picked 10 quarts without really having to search. Picking is really fun when there are berries everywhere you turn!

They are so good, too! We have made muffins, oatmeal jars, and a pie:
 But the best part has been the jam:
I finished batch three last night for a grand total of 10 pints! Evan took two little jars to the dojo today, we took one to Nana Sunday, and we are already a half pint down at our house! It made lovely thumbprint cookies and protein bars.

I think we will try to go picking one more time, but I think we might be finished with the blueberry jam!

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