Friday, July 7, 2017


We spent a wonderful five days in Ohio this week. The main event was this lovely lady's 90th:
 In classic Judy form, her only large group remarks were, "I'll see you all at my 100th."

It was such a lovely evening with family:
 And her friends. I hope I have half as much energy when I'm 90. They all drove themselves, and one was lamenting her best score was a 42 on 9 holes of golf last week--she golfs every day.

Sunday, we all gathered at Carol and Todd's for swimming and a "family fun day." The kids actually spent the nights there; we stayed at Tyler's place across the street. They loved every minute of being spoiled and being with cousins. Aunt Carol and Uncle Todd did pull out all the stops, including silly string:

 And poppers:
 Issa took to her role as eldest beautifully:
 While the littlest just couldn't handle so much fun:
 We don't get to spend whole days together like that often, and I loved having the time with the whole crew.

On Monday, we headed to Brad's side and spent some time with Papa Don and Grandma Nancy. The kids love having their own space there with plenty of craft supplies and a candy stash.

On the fourth, we headed to Uncle Brian's camper with Grandma Pat. Hadley wanted festive hair like Issa:
 And Evan wanted to wrestle Alec:

 And we all went looking for ducks to feed:
We don't see this crew often enough, and it was so nice to have an afternoon to be together.

The end of the deserves a separate post.

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