Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A North Carolina Blizzard

The children are with me at work today. They have not been to school since last Tuesday! I think they are beginning to forget what their teachers look like. Yesterday and today are planned teacher work days, but last week was filled with snow days!

The forecast had been all over the place last week. At one point we were supposed to get 7 inches, then 1, then 2, then six, then two. Basically, it was a meteorologists nightmare. Wednesday morning, it started to snow, and it just didn't stop! I've never seen anything like it in NC. By the end of the day, we had 12.5 inches and two very happy children.

Tuesday night, I brilliantly put a bowl on the deck to collect snow for snow cream. By lunch time, we had to dig it out! After the first batch of snow cream, the kids and I headed out to try out the sleds for the first time this season:
 It was no good. There was so much soft snow the sleds just kind of sunk:
 It should not be this easy to get sledding pictures:
 After two times up and down, we decided to turn for home, where we encountered this on the road out of our neighborhood:
 If there was any doubt, we were not going anywhere.But, we did have a great snowball fight! And I caught this picture where my little man still looked little:
 And I swear the kids ate their weight in snow:
 By day three of the snow days, we were running low on layers, so Evan improvised. When all else fails, use your footies for the bottom layer:
He is nothing is not creative.

We were finally able to make it out, although a little treacherously, Friday afternoon, and by Sunday the roads were clear. It was a great snow while it lasted, though!

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