Thursday, January 25, 2018

We Always Said She Could Run a Small Country....

...and now she's running a business:
Yep. Ellie and Issa have officially founded Slime Sisters.

Ellie spent the night Sunday, and while I was at work Monday morning, they made a ton of slime. Brad mentioned they should go in to business since they've created some unique recipes. He said we funded the initial round, but from here on out supplies needed to come out of the business. That's all it took; they were off.

By the time I got home, they wanted help developing a marketing plan and creating a business page on Instagram. Done.

By Monday night, they had a logo and a price and had made their first sales.

Tuesday, I helped them actually do a cost of good analysis, and they did all the math to be sure they were at the right price point and started planning their first slime workshop. They plan to charge a fee to learn how to make basic slime and then sell some of their premium products on site.

Yesterday, they started a company binder with inventory and sales sheets. They also have their first investor. Evan Shark Tanked them in to his whole spend jar of $11 for 10% equity. They are working on an investor contract.

It's hysterical. Brad is over the moon proud, and I'm thrilled to hear my daughter talking about price points and business strategy. I have no idea how long the business will last, but I do know what they learn while it's open will serve them well.

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