Thursday, June 14, 2018

Back to the Farm

We are loving the slower pace of summer this week! One of the added benefits of more time is a return to the community farm! We had an evening that was in the low 70s, and the kids and I were thrilled the rain held off long enough for us to go!

We weeded, planted, and harvested. The kids independently staked every cucumber plant on the farm, and I harvested coriander. I will never take coriander for granted again. It is a tedious crop to harvest, but it is so delicious!

The highlight, though, for the kiddos was the bunnies:
 Yes...we put them in the rabbit cage. The one rabbit is an escape artist. Issa was especially thrilled to have all of the rabbit snuggles:
We still love our little farm. I love seeing how much the kids remember about how to plant and harvest, and I love having a place where they can work and play in the fresh air. I imagine we will be back often this summer.

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