Monday, August 6, 2018

Our Favorite Villain

Issa had another fabulous two week's at the studio's production camp! As soon as they announced that this year they would be bringing The Little Mermaid to the stage, Issa started dreaming of being Ursula. She really did not want to be Ariel because she "is so needy and threw everything away for a boy." (Proud parent moment there.) Her dream came true, and Issa played a very creepy Ursula:
 There was a little one sitting behind us, and she was actually scared of Issa until her uncle assured her he knew Issa and she was actually very nice:
 We were so proud! He face really told the story:
 And she just looked like she was having fun:
 Her technique was also amazing! She has grown so much this summer:
 She was just fun to watch:

 Even if she was a little too good at being evil:

 She had fun playing a princess, too:

 And creating her first stage battle:
We were also so proud of how hard she worked. Both teachers complimented how hard she worked not only on her choreography but also all the costumes and sets. And the little ones loved her!

I just love watching her grow, and we can't wait to see her the next time she takes the stage!

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