Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Well...yesterday was a brutal welcome back to reality. In the morning, Issa "helped" me by shoving an entire container of leftover chicken soup down the disposal. It needed to go, but it jammed up the works. I didn't have time to fix it before school, so I knew I was coming home to that joy.

Little did I know that when I got home I would be greeted by a water bill the size of Texas. After a little investigation, I discovered the faucet in our backyard is quite broken. So...instead of cleaning the kitchen from our Super Bowl party, I spent the afternoon contacting plumbers and fixing a disposal.

The kids came off the bus with extra projects and more events on the calendar. It was a bit more than I could take, and I want major points for holding it together.

The good news is the plumber is coming today, and he says it is an easy, inexpensive fix. I was able to fix the disposal, and the kids were willing to eat out. I have also been assured that the city will adjust our bill after I prove we made the repairs. Life is on the upswing. I am just hoping we crammed a week's worth of chaos into one day.

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