Thursday, February 5, 2015

Great People

Well...the hits just keep coming. After a blissful afternoon with the kids on an early release (including a Valentine's shopping expedition that did not make me want to curl up in the fetal position right in the aisle), my check engine light came on as we drove to ninjitsu. Charming. Everything seemed to be just fine, so we went to ninjitsu. I dropped Issa off at dance after Evan's class, and he and I went straight to our mechanic, which is luckily right across the street from the studio.

I walked in and explained my sad situation. Brad is coming home today, but he was in Arizona, which meant this was my only vehicle and I had kids that needed to go places. They were so ridiculously kind. Not only did they squeeze me in to check the code, they assured me that worst case they would help me get Issa and get us all home safely. It's not that I didn't have people I could call, but just knowing that we live in a town where the mechanics are willing to do that is a great feeling. As it turns out, it is a very simple fix and totally safe to drive until I have a bit more time to get it fixed permanently next week. Evan and I were finished with time to watch the end of Issa's tap class and all of technique.

When we walked into the studio, Mr. Chris stopped us. He knew our pattern was off for the night, and he wanted to be sure we were okay. I cracked. I got teary and related the whole week, including the fact that all is well that ends well but I was on fumes. He instantly offered any help I needed and confirmed the mechanics diagnosis. On our way out of the studio, he told the kids to take extra care of me. I don't think he'll ever know how much that little kindness meant.

This has been a really, really hard week. I'm kind of over it. But at every step, good people have been placed into our lives. Great people, in fact. People who have gone above and beyond and been kind in addition to competent. It's certainly been my wondrous thing every day.

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