Monday, December 7, 2015

A Very Holly Jolly Weekend

This weekend was lovely. Friday night, we had a much needed cocoa and cuddles night. Daddy had been gone all week, and we had been going at warp speed. We turned down a few invitations and snuggled in to eat spaghetti, watch a Christmas movie, and sip cocoa all cuddled up on the couch.

Saturday morning, Issa had a crazy dance rehearsal and then a birthday party. Late afternoon, though, we all headed out for the town's Christmas parade. This was the first year Issa was big enough to dance in the parade instead of riding, and it was really odd for me to drop her off and not get on the float with her. It was also a very big day for our girl: she got to change her earrings for the first time!
It was so fun to see the parade from the other side. I love small town parades with the marching bands, church floats, and random people riding on the back of cars. Issa had so much fun dancing the route, too.

Sunday, I had intentionally blocked the entire day on the calendar. We decorated our tree, watched too many Christmas movies, and took high quality naps. We are going in to this week happy and rested and ready to keep celebrating.

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