Thursday, December 3, 2015

Buddy is Back!

When we returned from Thanksgiving, Buddy was waiting. Here is why I love our elf:
He keeps us focused on what is really important: the real reason for Christmas, family, friends, and finding joy. Admittedly, he had a bit of a lame arrival, simply perching in fruit bowl with a sign saying he was back.

Monday morning, though, he drew on the mirror so the kids looked like Rudolph when they brushed their teeth. Tuesday morning, he left us elf meal passes, so we had fruit pie and cocoa for dinner--it was very joyful. Wednesday, he left us empty treat boxes so we could bake cookies for all of our wonderful neighbors, and the kids had great fun delivering all 8 dozen cookies yesterday! (We were baking fools on our early release.) This morning, he left us a new book to keep us focused--and it is even told with Lego characters.

We do love this little elf, and I'm awfully glad Daddy finally told Santa we could have one.

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