Friday, October 28, 2016

End of Week Wrap-Up

This week has been long. Teaching two nights a week and still coming in at 8 every morning makes for a very long semester. But...I am on the downhill side of the semester, which is always a good thing. An end of week list:

1. Did I mention teaching two nights a week is starting to catch up with me? Last night was also our mentor dinner, which meant it was an even longer night. I love that dinner, but I do not love getting home so late.

2. I got a legit holy hell migraine on Wednesday. I haven't had one in about forever, but I think fatigue just finally got the better of me. I'm so grateful Brad was home and could step into the gap when I went down. I made it through work, but that was about the end of that.

3. We are headed to a haunted hike tonight! It should be lots of fun. Wildlife educators will be stationed along the trail with ravens, hawks, and owls. I can't wait!

4. We also have to make Halloween costumes this weekend. They are still top secret, and I'm really praying these ideas actually come to life.

5. We have no where to be on Sunday, and I can't wait...

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