Monday, February 6, 2017

Big Weekend

This was one epic weekend. All of the pictures are trapped on Brad's phone, though.

Friday night, the four of us went to our first Hurricanes hockey game. The kids earned tickets from school, and we had what we thought were perfect seats. We were all the way in the third tier, but we were behind one of the goals. We could see absolutely everything and the concourse was way less crowded! The Hurricanes won 2-1, and we got to see some really good hockey. Evan was a little too excited to see someone get a broken nose, too. In related news, I have forbidden Evan from ever playing hockey.

Saturday, Issa had dance rehearsal in the morning, and then we dropped Evan off for Winter Quest at the dojo. This was his first time to get to train for a whole weekend with Mr. Hayes, the founder of To Shin Do. Evan was over the moon excited. Brad and I were both so nervous dropping him off. We trust the staff there totally, but Evan was the youngest one there by a few years, and when he got there he was the only youth. He had an awesome time, though. He got some great coaching from Mr. Hayes himself, and he got to do his first work with a knife. It was a big weekend for him!

While he was there, the rest of us went to Nana's. We went TV shopping, and then Brad started all of the installation before Issa kicked us out so she could have her first slumber party with Nana. They went to dinner, baked cookies and cupcakes, and generally had too much fun. Yesterday, the two of them used our tickets to the ballet. Issa woke up this morning babbling about how much fun she had, and Evan is counting down the days until his turn next weekend.

While all of that was happening, Brad and I snuck in a dinner date Saturday evening at a Thai place we've been wanting to try, and we went back to Mom's yesterday to do some more of Brad's honey-do list.

Last night, Nana came over for a Super Bowl party. Brad made wings, which were awesome, and we watched through half-time before Nana headed home. I still get giddy that she can just come over for dinner. Or we can pop over whenever. It makes my heart happy--the whole weekend did.

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