Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In the Past Five Days...

1. I went on an amazingly perfect date to Table with Brad on Friday night. It was a long leisurely dinner with the best lamb shank I have ever eaten. Truly lovely.

2. Saturday, we managed to get the kids new tennis shoes and me two pairs of shoes to take to Italy and no one cried once. Small miracles.

3. Saturday night we got to the Lego Batman movie with the dojo; I've never felt so safe in a theater. As soon as the credits ended, we got to meet up with Rachel and Mom for dinner--super fun way to end the day.

4. Sunday, I welcomed 32 potential Teaching Fellows to campus. They spent the night, and I loved having them in class Monday morning. I'm really excited to see them again in the fall! It was also great to go out to dinner with Mom and Rachel again on Sunday night!

5. Tuesday, I did an elementary college fair. I love little kids, but they are exhausting! It is also very hard to go from teaching itty bitties to teaching graduate students. Hello, whiplash.

6. Mom and I chose blinds for her new place! They are super simple and will look amazing. Brad is excited they are also being installed.

7. Ryan and Felicia came over for dinner last night. Thank goodness they didn't mind that I nearly fell asleep at the table.

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