Thursday, March 16, 2017

Finally Photos...

At long last, I am finally posting the photos from Issa's dance competition! I had about 200 to choose from, but I wanted to post just a few of my very favorites here.

Tap is not Issa's jam, but she hangs right in there:
She does love doing fireballs, though:
 Her solo is stunning this year:

 She has gotten so strong and graceful, and her sense of timing has improved so very much.

Jazz is just fun:
 Look at this air:

 And I love, love, love watching her dance lyrical:
 Just look at that smile:

 Production features a beach theme this year. Trying to choose some pictures where she is visable is tough in a stage full of girls! Looks front left here:
 And center second row here:
 We are almost halfway through the season already! I guess we'll just keeping dancing...

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