Friday, March 3, 2017

I Blinked

Somehow I blinked, and I found myself at the middle school last night as a raising sixth grade parent.

Issa had taken the middle school tour with her class during the day, and when I dropped her off she was a nervous wreck. When she came off the bus, she was so excited, though! She already feels like she can get everywhere she needs to get in the school, and she really appreciated getting to chat with some current students who shared that they were nervous before they came. It's also so much easier since her principal in the middle school was her principal for first through third grade.

With such a ringing endorsement, I was very excited to go on my tour last night. I was very impressed by every teacher I met, and the school is so well designed. The sixth grade is confined to the first floor--even the electives. As the teachers described the way they bridge to sixth grade they mentioned every best practice.'s an AVID school in the truest sense of the word. I actually trained the school's coordinator when I was in Durham, and I couldn't be more proud of the program I saw and how embedded it is in the school. Issa will thrice there. She even gets to go to Sixth Grade 101 the Friday before school starts to get used to the new building and teachers.

I keep thinking I should be nervous about all this, but I'm just not. She is ready, and so are we. Let's go, Bulldogs!

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