Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring has Sprung

We had another lovely weekend.

Friday night, the kids stayed at Nana's while Brad and I had a date night! We had a lovely dinner at Antonia's and then saw Twelfth Night at Playmakers. I had forgotten how truly hysterical that play is, and the music that had been composed specifically for this production made it even better.

Saturday, we had a lazy day. I finally have in to the jet lag and slept. We also finally watched Moana--love!

Yesterday, I went to yoga where a very tricky substitute teacher nearly killed me. I didn't feel like I was working at all, but today I can barely walk. Lesson learned. I spent the rest of the day packing away snowmen and scattering about bunnies. I love how cheery the house looks with all of the pink and yellow scattered about.

The schedule the next couple of weeks looks to be wonky, but we're getting ready to enjoy a little spring breaking next week, which should make it all more bearable.

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