Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy Birthday, Evan!

Well...we are officially a booster free house. Somehow my baby boy turned 8 this weekend. 

We started the festivities Friday, and Issa was determined to give the first gift, which she did over breakfast:
 She gave him an art set he's had his eye on!

Evan also decided he wanted no part of a birthday party this year. He really just wanted to have one friend over for a not-birthday party, but he was not upset when John arrived with a gift:
 Those two spent the next several hours building that Lego set and talking Star Wars. Those three kids also ate an entire pound of taco meat. We were impressed!

What Evan really wanted most, though, was for he and John to go to the museum together--just boys. So Saturday morning, they picked up John's dad and headed to Raleigh:
Oh how I love this picture:

Yesterday was his actual birthday, and he had us up bright and early. My lack of coffee is the only explanation for the fact that this is the only picture I took:
 Seriously terrible. We wrapped the spring and mounting hardware for his new heavy bag because there is no way I'm wrapping a 75 pound heavy bag! He spent the morning playing video games and trying out this bad boy from Papa Don:
 He and Daddy went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Two yesterday afternoon before all the festivities caught up with him and the birthday boy took a nap!

We ended the celebrations at Kanki:

Our chef was too happy to oblige Evan with extra fire, and his sister was much thrilled by the gong and birthday song that accompanied his cake.

When we got home, I heard Evan say, "You know, being eight feels pretty good."

I'm so glad, sweet boy. We loved celebrating you...always...

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