Monday, May 1, 2017

Curtain Call

This weekend, we wrapped up our dance season at Applause in Winston Salem. We truly couldn't be more proud of our girl and her friends:
 Our Saturday started with jazz:
 I sure do love my dancer:
 From jazz, we transitioned to her solo and I captured my favorite picture of the season:
 Mrs. Lauren A. has challenged Issa to grow so much this year. I love watching the two of them work. She also has Issa wearing weights when she rehearses and boy have we seen a difference:
 I some how missed the lyrical picture, but I grabbed one of tap:
 Sunday, we only had production:
 Our whole dance family:
 And we even were able to sneak in some family time:
 We walked through the park to an incredible gelato place:
 But this girl...she stole the weekend. She danced her way to a platinum and brought both Lauren and I to tears. Everything she has been working towards came out on stage this weekend:
 And look...she smiled a real I'm loving this smile on stage:
 And nailed her double:
 And danced with such joy:
 And strength:
 And power:
 And grace:
 And poise:
 And focus:
 And control:
 And love:
And I sure do love her...

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