Thursday, May 4, 2017

Two Graduates

Last night was a very big night in our house! We had two ninja graduations!

Brad earned his yellow belt last night:
 And Evan earned his solid blue belt. Most of the water techniques were ground tactics last night, so I didn't get any pictures of him testing. But I love this picture where he is being interviewed:
 They asked how it felt how to have Daddy training with him. His response, "Awesome."

After they finished testing, the two of them sat together for the rest of the night:
 But my favorite moments were there glances they exchanged when they received the new belts: pure pride.

We were really excited, too, because Issa didn't have dance last night, so we didn't have to run like crazy to be there to cheer them on:
 I can't explain Evan's addiction to this particular crazy face in pictures:
 And of course we needed the Mr. Bryan picture:
 And all the graduates, featuring two Bowers:

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