Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm "That" Mom

So...I may have a few mom issues. One of them rears its ugly head every September in the form of Halloween costumes.

I have some costume baggage. We were always late on the costume front, and I vividly remember some years where we were stapling white circles onto black trash bags and calling it a cat. In the grand scheme of life, if this is one of my biggest childhood blips, I'm dang lucky--and I truly am. But...I swore my kids would never wear trash bags for costumes.

Issa's first Halloween, I stumbled upon a great site for ordering costumes. She was the most miserable looking lamb, but the costume was so cute. She was just not a fan of hoods or mittens or really the whole get-up I subjected her to. But...ever since that order we are on their early list, which means we get their catalogue in September, which means the kids now think that everyone orders Halloween costumes the day after Labor Day because that is the company's blitz sale and Mommy likes a sale.

So...I ordered Tuesday, and I got the notice that the costumes shipped yesterday. We will have our cuteness a full six weeks before the holiday--no trash bags involved. Issa swore me to secrecy, though, so you'll have to wait for the will appear in about two months.

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