Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elfin Kindness

When Brad and I agreed to let Santa send us an Elf on the Shelf, we also requested that he be a particularly kind elf--no messy pranks or crude humor. We wanted an Elf that celebrates Christmas the way we do, focused on Christ's birthday and giving. Thankfully, Buddy is just that kind of elf.

What I've noticed about Buddy is that he helps us stay even more focused. Yesterday morning, he left some mini-cupcake wrappers and a note suggesting we bake some treats for the neighbors. As it turned out, last night was cold and rainy and I was tired. But Buddy's note was sitting there, and so we started baking. Soon, I wasn't so tired, and the look of sheer joy and surprise on the neighbor's faces by fresh treats on a Tuesday night was priceless--elfin kindness.

This morning, Buddy left two huge gift bags for the kids, but they were empty. He reminded them that although Santa brings them three gifts, he likes to bring kids with less toys more gifts, and he also likes to be sure every toy has a home where it gets played with often. Buddy suggested we put a few things in the bag for Santa to share with other kids. Issa and Evan were nearly late for school because they couldn't wait to fill the bag, and we had a great conversation about giving on the way to school. Elfin kindness.

Buddy has helped me stay focused on what matters, and he's writing whole pages in the kids' storybooks. It's magic, and I couldn't be any happier.

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