Monday, December 8, 2014


The last part of last week was, well, a hot mess. Admittedly, I had no emotional reserves to cope, and Brad being out of town left me sulking and overwhelmed. Thankfully, it was also full of silver linings, and this weekend was just what my soul needed.

So Wednesday. Wednesday morning I was supposed to have an off campus meeting. When I arrived, I discovered the other person had forgotten. The responsible thing would have been to go home and grade. Instead, I went home and decorated. Our house went from turkeys to festive by the time the kids got off the early dismissal bus. I was up until all hours grading, but I don't regret that decision one bit.

Wednesday afternoon we went to Issa's annual physical (she's awesome) and then for dental cleanings. Good news: both kids are great brushers, flossers, and have no cavities. Hurrah! Bad news: Issa has an abscess. Yeah. It seems that 1% of the time if kids get hit in the face as young children, when the tooth begins to get loose it can just abscess. Of course Issa is in the 1%. Thankfully, the routine x-rays caught it before it caused her any pain, and it's an easy removal scheduled for this week.

Thursday morning, I started my day at the body shop getting an estimate for our front bumper, which is now tastefully duct taped on after a run in with a raccoon. This is so not my happy place, but we have great insurance who sent us to a great place with Bobby who is my new hero. He takes care of everything--right down to the rental car. Just as I was almost to work from that fun, the school called. Issa was sick. Awesome. I turned around to get her, and thankfully we really think it was some bad lettuce. She bounced right back and all was well by noon. It also gave me an excuse to change back into comfy clothes and grade from my couch.

Friday, I discovered I can't see. I knew my vision wasn't great, but it turns out I have developed a major astigmatism. Thankfully, Issa helped me pick out some great glasses. I also am quite certain I was the subject of my optometrist's dinner table conversation. He asked if headlights looked odd to me at night, and I said absolutely but I assumed they looked that way to everyone. Apparently they do not. Now I know.

Friday night, the whole family came with me to a study break party for my students, which was very fun, and then we went home and stayed up way too late. Saturday, we had hair appointments, and Issa asked for a new look, and then asked me to get the same one. We are twinsies. I know this will be the first and last time for the request, but it did my heart good. We went from there to a surprise holiday lunch at one of our favorite spots--because Daddy is tricky--and then spent the day decorating our tree before going to a neighborhood Christmas party.

Yesterday, we had Ryan and Felicia over for brunch, and they helped finish our tree and bake gingerbread cookies. Issa had asked if they could help decorate because they really are like family, and yesterday that was so obvious. The tree may be one of my favorites yet, although some of the gingerbread cookies are very scary. Ryan and Daddy decided to make some zombies and some weeping angels, and my life may never be the same again.

The day ended with our little crew decorating outside. Our herd of deer officially needed to be retired, so we went on a mission for some new holly jolly. Enter Drosselmeyer, a tinsel, white light nutcracker that is taller than I am. He now stands watch in front of our pine tree, and he and the lit garland on the porch make me giddy.

After the weekend, I finally feel like I'm resurfacing. Our week looks shockingly calm, and we are settling in to just enjoy the season. Maybe tomorrow I'll share some pictures of our holly jolly fun, but for today I am just basking in this this joy.

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