Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just Yes

So, yesterday was one of those days that was just blissful and better than imagined--even though it was a relatively ordinary Thursday. Maybe that's what made it so wonderful.

Most importantly, Issa had her tooth extracted with zero issues. I will be forever grateful Dr. Crisp came into our lives. Issa was a bit nervous on the way there, but she came bouncing out to get me when they were finished. Apparently, they started the whole thing by adjusting the chair so she could perfectly watch all of the holiday specials on Disney while they worked. Sophia the First and Doc McStuffins make anything more fun. The tooth popped right out and the spacer popped right in, and they did a fabulous job of keeping Issa just loopy enough with Happy Gas and explaining what they were doing just enough that she proclaimed the whole experience, "Fun!" The tooth even came home in a special treasure chest for the Tooth Fairy.

The only hitch was that as fabulous as she felt she couldn't go back to school. We would have made it in time for lunch, but she couldn't eat until 15 minutes after her lunch ended. So...we had an impromptu girls' day. She helped me run errands, and then she and I went out for a nice soft pasta lunch. It's so rare that I get completely unrushed time with just her, and it was lovely. I now know all the third grade social dynamics, and we had just simply had a fun afternoon.

Later that evening, I dropped her at dance and then took Evan to ninjitsu. They were working on punching this week, and Evan throws a mean punch. It's his strong suit, so he was one happy kid. We went back to the studio where I dropped him off with Miss Gabi so I could go to a Mom's Night Out. Bliss. There is nothing better than knowing your kids are very happily playing with a sitter while you sit with a group of other moms. I always feel rejuvenated after these dinners with my little tribe.

I got home in time to tuck, and then I Christmas crafted until way past my bedtime. I realize I am not always the most responsible human being around Christmas, but I am in my happy place, which is well worth the extra cup of coffee this morning.

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