Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Promised Pictures

As promised, a post full of pictures!

I love our tree this year:
 The ornaments the kids have made are always my favorites, and the highlight is that Brad repaired the angel so she glows again! We purchased that angel on our honeymoon, and I might have burst into tears when he fixed it.

Meet Drosselmeyer:
 Please keep in mind he is taller than I am and filled with white lights for the evening. I'm still giddy.

The kids were thrilled to know Buddy, our elf, can string popcorn and cranberries:
 One morning he was stringing on our mantel. The next he had placed his string on their little desk tree.

But my favorite under the tree scene:
Viv has finally decided a bed may not be a bad idea, and Neela wants to be where ever Viv is. So...I pulled her bed right beside Viv's, and the two of them have taken to sleeping all curled up in front of the tree. It makes my heart happy.

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