Monday, June 29, 2015

Antigone in Flamenco

Saturday, we went to the second of our ADF shows. Daddy had just flown home and was tired, so we took one of Issa's dance friends with us this time. I tried to take a picture of my crew before the show:
 They weren't interested. Evan did have a change of heart, though:
 The show was incredible. It was a Flamenco troupe, and they performed four pieces from Antigone. read that correctly. Before the show, the director came out and explained that we would not be seeing the show that was in our programs. Their light board had been hit by lightning the night before, and they only had time to reset one show. So, he proceeded to explain Antigone, the adult show for the evening, to the kids. After the big picture was painted, the dancers and musicians took the stage and proceeded to do the Greek tragedy in Spanish and Flamenco. They subtitled the most important lines, and one of the bilingual dancers did a monologue half way through to connect some dots. It was quite possibly one of the coolest things I have ever seen, and the kids all loved it. Evan loved the battle between the brothers, and the girls loved watching the footwork. We were very close to the stage so we could really see and hear every step.

After the show, the girls even agreed to be photographed:
As a side note, I love this little friend. AliceAnn is more family than friend, and she never fails to make me laugh. I would take her anywhere.

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