Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Family Father's Day Weekend

This past weekend was absolutely blissful. Friday night, Brad perfected chicken wings in a single evening. In an ironic twist, the whole evening was inspired by celery. Celery is a relatively new crop to NC, and we were getting our very first bunch in our Produce Box. I was trying to decide what recipe to try, when the rest of the family proclaimed the only obvious answer was wings. They were in fact delicious and highlighted the celery quite well.

Saturday, we went to our first ADF performance. Pilobolus was an absolutely amazing performance, and the company uses connections and lifts unlike any other group I have ever seen. It was amazing. Even Evan announced we must go back next summer! 

From there, we headed to the mall for new cell phones because mine decided it couldn't even text anymore. It was pitiful.Then this moment happened:
 Be still my mama's heart.

Sunday was devoted to the best daddy ever. His very first Father's Day, we gave him a hammock, which finally died this spring. So the kids decided to replace it this Father's Day:
 Neela likes it, too:
We fixed all of his favorite foods, and we spent the afternoon hiking in a brand new park three minutes from our house. Brad proclaimed it absolutely perfect, and I proclaimed the whole weekend to be absolutely perfect, too.

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