Thursday, June 18, 2015

Evan's Big Fun

 Evan had a lot of fun while Nana and Aunt Shannon were in town. He loved having a few extra cheerleaders at the dojo, and Aunt Shannon did the impossible and actually captured some great pictures:
 Evan is really working hard on his rolls:
 Part of what I love about these pictures is how evident it is that his teachers love what they do. I will be forever grateful that the dojo and these men are part of Evan's little life.

We also had one last sixth birthday party for Evan! He chose an Ironman theme, and I'm so glad Nana got to do this very tricky cake:
Evan was also thrilled by the his new Ironman shirt from Aunt Shannon and Uncle Jeff.
 The best part of the cake is clearly the frosting on the candles:
Evan remains our very chill little guy, but I think he liked being the center of attention for a while. After Issa's recital, he was so thrilled that people were able to see him do his thing, and I was thrilled to see him so happy.

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