Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Am My Mother

I had a very exciting development at work yesterday: I got a new laptop! The campus is on a regular cycle, which is good considering two hours after I got my form about ordering a new laptop my old one decided to go senile. I never knew what it was going to do.

Yesterday, they delivered my new laptop and got me all set up with a docking station and backup drive. It was blissful. The real bonus: it's a yoga! That means it's a tablet and laptop in one. I played with the touch screen feature yesterday and congratulated myself that I was navigating all the new software seamlessly.

 Then I went to start my work today...and I realized I am indeed turning into my mother. The one I mercilessly mocked about being a Luddite. I will confess here in the spirit of keeping it real: I couldn't figure out how to turn the blasted thing on. I had to get out my personal tablet and consult the Google to figure out where the power switch was. Thank goodness for YouTube. While there, I also discovered I have a pen, which makes the whole tablet feature much easier! I played with the script to text feature with my finger yesterday, but it's so much easier with a pen!

Suffice it to say, I will never mock my mother again.

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