Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mama Fix It

When both kids were little, whenever anything went wrong I would hear, "Mama fix it." It wasn't a question; it was a statement made with great confidence. In their little eyes, I could fix anything.

I hear that less now--if ever. The problems are getting more complex, and they are both learning to fight their own battles, solve their own problems, fix it themselves. It's a good thing.

But...a few days ago Neela ate the eyes and nose off of one of Issa's teddy bears. The rest of the little guy was fine, but it was a sad day in our household. Issa was devastated. (In Neela's defense, he had fallen on the floor and looks a lot like one of her toys.)

Yesterday, I stopped by the craft store and bought a package of eyes and noses. Before Issa got home, I fixed her bear and just set him on the shelf for her to find. Her little face was priceless. And for one more moment, I could fix anything.

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