Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Moments of Magic

This week, I finally packed up all of the snowmen. They have been banished until next year; I think we are all ready for spring. 

With the snowmen safely packed away, I let the bunnies out of the attic and into the house. We now have bright baskets, eggs, and bunnies everywhere. I finished while the kids were showering and doing the nightly getting ready ritual. Then I stood back and watched magic.

The kids started exploring the treasures in their Easter bags, remembering which year the Bunny brought each toy. They came downstairs and loved on stuffed rabbits and talked about hiding eggs for practice rounds. For a few moments, they were little and there was magic everywhere.

It seems like the kids are growing so quickly. Everyday they look less little. I'm seeing the man and woman they will be more and more. I'm so proud, but I'm also grateful for those moments of magic.

This morning, we had a roller coaster. Evan woke up to discover he had two new fish in his tank. These are the most prolific fish we have ever had. It's crazy.

Two minutes later, Issa discovered Neela had chewed the nose off one of her bears. Not good. I can fix it, but she was devastated and so angry with the poor dog.

Then the kids came downstairs to discover Buddy made a visit:
Magic. Here's to many more moments of magic on this roller coaster.

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