Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Zoo Days

It's spring break on campus, which means my schedule is wonky. I'm definitely still working, but my days are filled with student teacher observations and data analysis on my couch. All that said, the disruption in the routine has meant the blog has been ignored. This is especially sad because we had a great weekend!

For the first time in ages and the foreseeable future, we had no plans. Saturday, Brad and I totally surprised the kids and too them to see Zootopia.  It really was a cute movie! We came home and had the first burgers and corn on the grill for this season. It was lovely.

Sunday, we decided to continue the theme and went to the zoo:
 We've never gone this early in the season, but the weather was perfect. It was in the upper 50s with beautiful sunshine. The animals seemed to love this weather, and we had the best timing at every exhibit. Our first stop was the polar bears:
 A new bear just joined the zoo, and we were able to see the two bears play together. All of the bears were very active!

Issa also stole my phone to become photographer since the animals were feeling cooperative. The bison was maybe eight feet away from us:
 And we watched one of the adult gorillas teach a little guy how to dig up bugs:
It was a perfect day!

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