Monday, April 17, 2017

A Very Hoppy Easter

We thoroughly enjoyed our Easter celebrations this year. After several years of egg-coloring and Easter meals at our house, I had assumed we would continue the tradition. Wrongo! The kids announced we clearly had to do these things at Nana's. So...we began Friday with the egg coloring:

Evan was so much more careful and actually had an Easter with flesh-colored hands:
This year, we also decided the kids were old enough to revive Grandma Luzny's tradition of hot gluing all manner of things to an egg:
 Issa was most proud of her minion egg:
 The kids spent the night there while Brad and I had a lovely date night. We ate barbecue and watched a very sad movie that I had no idea was going to be sad until it was--and then Brad pointed out the six millions clues and I was even more sad.

Saturday, the boys headed to the dojo while the girls went shopping, and we all met up in time to go to the farm for an egg hunt and farm hours:
 We hunted filled plastic eggs, but we were all most excited about the fresh eggs from the farm chickens. You had to be a bit more careful hunting, but it was so worth it come breakfast on Easter morning.

 Saturday night, the kids left the Bunny a note at our house just in case he got confused:
They were even so kind as to leave Nana's new address in case he was really lost. Thankfully, Buddy and Walter had already relayed the message--so they said when they arrived with bunnies:
 Aunt Shannon sent the perfect Easter outfits:
And Issa would like everyone to appreciate her new shoes:

The Bunny had gotten the message, and the kids had great fun hunting at Nana's house with all new hiding spots:

That Bunny took advantage of the whole house:
 We had lunch there and then spent a pretty quiet afternoon just enjoying...and that's my favorite way to end any holiday.

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