Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Break is in the Books

We are starting the gentle transition back into the real world today. The kids are coming with me to work, and they head back to school tomorrow after a super fun week!

Tuesday, we spend the day shopping, but then Wednesday we had really big fun at the museum! The kids had the block room to themselves:
 And it was a perfect day for climbing:

 Thursday, we took Nana with us to the zoo. For the record: Nana was right. We needed sweatshirts, which I bought at the zoo. Evan pre-lunch:
 And post-lunch:
 What a difference a sandwich makes. The chilly weather made the animals very happy, and we closed the place down!

Friday, we ventured to see the new Beauty and the Beast, which is awesome, and Saturday the kids and Daddy redid their maker space while I worked. To end the week with a bang, we spent yesterday at the beach:
 It was chilly, but we basically had the place to ourselves. We also visited the aquarium. We were able to see them feed the rays, and we learned a ton about sea turtles before visiting the frogs:
It was a fun week stay-cationing!

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